20th Century Women

"When you were born, I told you life was very big."


Cutaway (Short Film)

I’ll be honest, as soon as I understood how this film was going to work I felt like backing out of watching it. Cutaway, a Canadian film by Kazik Radwanski, depicts only the hands of a construction worker. It’s only seven minutes in length, six if you count the credits, and yet I still considered … Continue reading Cutaway (Short Film)

Her Friend Adam

Her Friend Adam is a testament to the character-based premise. Robert (played by the film’s writer-director Ben Petrie) feels insecure about his girlfriend Liv’s (Grace Glowicki) best friend, Adam (Andrew Chown). His insecurities are so disabling and affective that not even the fact that Adam is gay prevents him from suspecting he and Liv hook … Continue reading Her Friend Adam