Joseph Boyden’s “Wenjack”

You might think "Wenjack" is the name of a bird, or some other animal, like I did. It's not, it's a surname. Chanie Wenjack, one of many First Nations children who were forcibly enrolled at residential schools, was the first to draw national attention to those schools' practices back in 1966. Joseph Boyden, one of Canada's … Continue reading Joseph Boyden’s “Wenjack”


The Handmaiden

Grade: A- Please, don't take your kids to see this. Do not see this for a first date. I haven't seen Oldboy, which is Handmaiden director Park Chan-wook's first film. I heard about it. It made a good long splash, but I expect this to live a longer life. That's a genre film. This pulls together every … Continue reading The Handmaiden