A week ago I had the pleasure of watching a movie by local filmmakers Austin Andrews and Andrew Holmes called Lord Jones Is Dead.

Here’s an excerpt!

Vincent (Daniel Janks), Clive (Jonathan Pienaar), and Samuel (Chad Krowchuk) provide a vivid depiction of the ennui many print journalists must experience in between major stories. Samuel, the solo journalist, considers why a woman he once fleetingly dated has graduated past him in print media, despite starting late. Vincent, a man who both believes in print journalism and understands it’s dead, entertains himself by running through the reasons for each. Most amusing of all is Clive, the photographer, a kind of Alan Rickman with a Cheshire Cat grin who’s quick to stir up a fight between the other two and then spend its duration reading on his own. His chuckling also scores most of the film, save for the very beginning and end. – Hollywood North Magazine



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