“Bachmanity Insanity”

Grade: B-

We follow two threads, but only pick up one from earlier, and it’s the lesser of the two.

“Bachmanity Insanity” takes its name from the joint “company” (more like a marriage, Bighead’s financial manager warns) between Erlich and Bighead. It’s made up of 20 million dollars (and some odd else, provided by Erlich), and Erlich uses it to host a launch party at Alcatraz — Hawaiian themed. When I say “uses it,” I mean all of it. Just as Erlich and Bighead are supposed to make a speech, they’re informed the party has bankrupted them.

Back on earth, Richard and the other guys do little to no work, or move their company forward. We don’t once see Monica, or Laurie, and the plot turns Seinfeldian.

Richard meets a cute girl (who works at Facebook and is not a bartender), and they go on an excruciatingly awkward date. Later, back at the house, the guys talk to her while Richard’s not around and mention that, although clearly she’s a good coder, Richard’s going to lose it when he finds out that when she codes, she uses spaces instead of tabs. We learn that using spaces or tabs doesn’t matter. It does exactly the same thing (although it makes the file a little smaller if you’re using tabs, Richard’s method). We wait for him to notice.


At the girl’s place, as they’re coding next to one another, he glances over and watches her. She baits him. He cringes as he hears and sees her using the space bar. After a moment of constraint, he explodes over it.

This is a preference we’ve never heard from Richard once until this episode (correct me if I’m wrong) and although it’s fitting with his personality, it seems like HBO wanted a certain amount of episodes for this season of Silicon Valley, and they had one too few, and so they wrote this episode. Nothing moves the plot forward. Sorry, nothing moves the main plot forward. Erlich and Bighead’s story develops a little. The Alcatraz location could’ve been a hilarious setpiece but instead is given only a few lines and then promptly forgotten. The party could’ve been anywhere.

Note: Did I mention Dinesh’s storyline is about whether or not the girl he’s talking to who works for the company in Estonia is attractive or not? I didn’t? Well it doesn’t matter, because that storyline is squashed out here, too, when she realizes she thinks he’s the unattractive one, or as Gilfoyle puts it, “a dogface,” which is some well-deserved karma.

Some Bits I Liked:

  • The potential for Alcatraz
  • “A man with a plan and a pretty cool tan!” “This… Isn’t a tan. I was born this way.”
  • “Assholes, shitdongles…”
  • “Are you a bartender?” “I work at Facebook.” “…As a bartender?”
  • “Any time you’re near a woman, it’s important to explain why. Otherwise, they get nervous.”



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