“A Vaginismus Miracle”

Grade: B

“I wanna do this again.” “…Why?”

That’s Bamford’s perspective on sex for pleasure. Most of this episode’s plot centres on Bamford’s annual sexual experience, which she has named “Vaginismus.”

Her day fills up with a lot that gets in the way of completing her goal: she auditions on the FOX lot for the wrong role (a 22 year old black man named Nibbles), and gets what seems to be reiki from Lala (Larissa).

In The Past, she fires Bruce (!!!) and Karen Grisham (the world class agent) takes on both agent and managerial duties. We also see a progression in her relationship with Graham, the perfect man from a few episodes ago, the man who’s children she looked after, the man to whom she proposed, just as the relationship was about to terminate. Here, wearing a kind of mobile swimming suit, so you can swim all the time (!), he’s hit by a car. He’s saved by the suit. Thank God Bamford ordered three.Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 7.05.36 PM.png

In The Duluth, Maria goes through a particularly difficult time. She visits Checklist supermarket for some health products and finds her old high school bully, Keirsten Ridehome (?) working as a floater. They fall into their old roles.

In the present, on her way out of the incorrect FOX audition, she accidentally throws her coffee at the lot security guard. The way he yells, “the fuck!?” may be the reason this grade is a B instead of a B-. Back at Bruce’s office, he gets a call. Despite giving a thumbs up to Bamford as he’s clearly receiving good news, and showing his Star of David chain, it’s actually bad news, and those are nervous ticks, or signs that he’s lying. She is not allowed back on the FOX lot, or as she calls it, “The Seth MacFarlane Building,” and fairly so.

She resolves to find a guy for Vaginismus, and so she goes to a bar called “The Tight Spot.” There, with her friend Dagmar (who I like much more than Lala), she looks for a man. Who happens to enter the bar but the security guard! They get on. It’s looking like she’ll be successful this Vaginismus, but when he finds out that’s the only reason she’s interested in him, he himself loses interest. It’s a compelling scene because the genders are switched. “I’m feeling uncomfortable.” The security guard says. “You should feel flattered! I could’ve gone home with someone else but I chose you!” Doesn’t this sound like many, many scenes in past films or episodes of television where a guy, desperately, as “last call” rings out in the background, pleads with a girl to go home with him?

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 7.28.44 PM.png

Between his reaction to the thrown coffee, and Bamford’s come-on, the security guard was the saving grace of this episode. I found it to be particularly weak, both in its (relative) lack of humour, and lack of relation to Bamford’s progression back into or further away from her disease.Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 7.36.28 PM.png

This show doesn’t need to centre on that, but it switches wildly between what seems to be most important in her life. Maybe that’s on purpose, but at this point I don’t see why it would be.


Note: “Weak” for Lady Dynamite still means a B, so that says something.

Some Bits I Liked:

  • Chantrelle’s stare-off and consequent scoot back to her desk.
  • “Oh my god! I left it on the table! …What am I gonna do with all those fucking mugs?” (Later) “What in the shittttttt, Carolllll.”
  • I think world class agent Karen Grisham’s “My son shot up his school” bit was the first time the show’s gone too far.
  • “Wrong! It’s jogging! And bell peppers!”
  • “In college, I was real husky. They used to call me, uh, fat dick!”
  • “By being a black man, I finally learned to be a better white woman.”

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