Adam Sandler released the trailer for his new Netflix movie The Do-Over. It’s out May 27th.the_do-over_poster

It stars David Spade as Charlie McMillian, a man disappointed with his life. He goes to his high school reunion, meets an old friend named Max Kessler (Adam Sandler), and finds Max has done exactly what he said he’d do when they were growing up. He’s a member of the FBI. Charlie is overwhelmed by this, impressed and envious. Max gets Charlie to take time off work and go crazy with him. It’s a fun time. But just as Charlie thinks it might be time to head back to his life, Max drops the bomb on him that he’s set it up to look like they were both killed, and now Charlie is free of responsibilities! Maybe he’s in over his head?


I will put this movie on, late one night, having already caught up on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and any other available great show, and fall asleep at about the half way point. Weeks later I will remember this and try again, but it will have been long enough that I have to start the movie over to fully understand the plot. I will fall asleep a little earlier this time.

That is what I suspect will happen. I don’t dislike Adam Sandler or David Spade, honestly. Grown Ups is more than just a guilty pleasure movie for me. I actually like the movie. I know. I know. The Do-Over doesn’t seem to be the same calibre (that’s right) of movie as Grown Ups. It might be better than his last few vacation location movies, better than his last Netflix movie The Ridiculous Six, but no Happy Gilmore, or Click. Yeah, I like Click, too.

I’ll leave Sandler’s farewell tribute to David Letterman for you, since it’s something else by Sandler I like.


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