Comedian Mike Birbiglia, famous as a stand-up, now a little more famous thanks to his supporting role as Brie Larson’s dorky, agreeable boyfriend Tom in Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck, has just released a trailer for his new film Don’t Think Twice.


At first glance, I was a little turned off because of the unoriginal title. I associate it with Bob Dylan, as it’s the title of one of his more famous songs. It’s also the title of a documentary about him.

I have also never been a big fan of Birbiglia’s stand-up, although, admittedly, I’ve only seen a limited amount.

Now that I’ve seen the trailer for Don’t Think Twice, a movie that looks to be about a close-knit improv group trying to make it in New York, with Birbiglia at the centre, I’m overwhelmed with high expectations.

One of the blurbs included in the trailer reads:

“Mike Birbiglia has made his ‘Annie Hall,’ a funny, moving, compassionate comedy.”

This did not quell my expectations. I liked this trailer so much that over the course of watching it I fooled myself into thinking maybe it was a trailer for a TV series instead of a movie. Still, a movie is great, and if it gives Birbiglia the success I suspect he deserves, maybe we’ll get more like this. dont-think-twice1-400x280

What “like this” is, is a movie with cinematography that matches Girls, and a kind of realism in its dialogue and performances that seems to draw influence from other dramedy TV series, like Transparent.

Based on the snippets of jokes given to us in the trailer, the tone does resemble Annie Hall‘s neurotic, desperate style.

An example of this comes when Birbiglia has just had a one-night stand with a young woman. Afterwards, the young woman scrambles to leave as quickly as possible, which prompts him to ask sadly: “Hey, where are you going?” She responds, “You’re like.. 40,” and leaves. To the now empty space, he counters: “I just turned 36!” I expect a scene in the movie where we see the soul of a young woman exit her body as she’s sleeping with Birbiglia so that she can do other things, like read, or watch television.*

I hope this is the blend of new and old comedy it seems to be. If it is, I will see Don’t Think Twice at least twice in theatres.

Other notable actors in the trailer include: Keegan-Michael Key, Gillian Jacobs, Kate Micucci, Tami Sagher, and Chris Gethard.

It premieres July 22, 2016.

*A reference to Annie Hall.


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