I’ve been attending the Vancouver Film School for its Screenwriting in TV and Film Program for just shy of 10 of the full 12 months. I’ve had the pleasure of working with people I deeply admire (for not only the work they produce but the effort and pace at which they produce it) and hope I’ll be able to work alongside them once we all fall out into the limbo that will inevitably be “job searching” and starting our careers.

A snippet of what it’s like:

You begin with an introduction to not only the history of film and television, but one of a few genres. The work load increases steadily, with outlines and beat sheets coming and going as quickly as the weekly classes themselves. You mine yourself for ideas and still end up sticking in something trite because it’s a fits-all kind of idea for your story, and you need to make the deadline — usually you limp across the deadline.

Now, although most of that just evokes stress or ugly image, I have enjoyed 100% of the program so far. With each term, we have our hands in not only the writing of TV and film but also the business side, the way we’re supposed to build ourselves up and put ourselves out there in the all-media era. Instructors have given us guidance with regards to financial worry.

Overall, what I feel most is a yearning to apply what I’ve been taught. I hope that happens soon.


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